No personal guarantees, fixed interest rates, interest only payments and assumable by a new purchaser of your business. Money is Cheap! Eventually, rates will go up!

For Business Owners & Professionals Only

You can't lose principal, no cap on contributions and customized to the needs of the business owner(s).  

Are You 100% Sure You're Going To Have a Great Retirement Or Do You Have Some Doubt?

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If your answer is "no" or "I'm not sure" you owe it to yourself to explore this program!

Retirement funds are loaned to your business

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No market volatility and no qualified plan restrictions

Our program allows you to...

Front End Load Your Retirement Program

Put in more money in (5) years in our program, than you have in (25) years in your 401K, SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA or KEOGH plan. 

The Qualified Retirement Plan of Today Will Not Perform as Planned for Tomorrow

Additional Features That You Should Know About

We utilize your Tax Professional or CPA through the entire process

As a business owner, you're aware of the various retirement vehicles that are available to you and your employees. You've worked hard over the years and have tried to put away as much money as possible for your golden years in one of the plans.

Then there was 2008! What happened to your retirement plan? How much did the value go down? How long did it take to recover the money you lost? What will happen to your retirement funds when the next correction occurs?

Executives that participated in our "Integrity Retirement Program" didn't lose a dime!  Subsequently, time and upward performance were not factors in attempting to rebuild the value that could have been lost otherwise. If you're just a few years away from retirement and you suffer a loss, that could be catastrophic.

Our provisionally patented retirement program also provides discriminatory benefits for you the owner/principal or your executives. It can also be an adjunct to your 401k or a total replacement and can be tailored for exit planning, wealth creation, compensation arrangements or estate tax mitigation. There are many possibilities and iterations that can be custom designed for each business owner. 

We have a track record of over (17) years assisting business owners with their retirement needs and giving them peace of mind in knowing that they have a sound and predictable exit plan. 

Your accountant or tax attorney can lend valuable insight and expertise in the design phase of your program. We ALWAYS encourage and welcome their involvement! 

No administrative or management fees and no compliance requirements or potential filing penalties 

48 Hours to a Preliminary Offer

After we receive a completed loan underwriting form, we can provide you with a rate offer and a firm offer with complete financials in (2) business days.

What was implemented in the mid 80's is a far cry from the intention of what the benefits should be for the company's executives and employees in their retirement years.


Our team of experts has been designing custom programs and strategies to meet the planning needs of  business owners, medical professionals and medium to high net worth individuals over the past (17) years.

Qualified retirement plans today are under the magnifying glass for compliance issues. The Federal Government has issued strict penalties regarding the ACA or Obama Care. Your qualified retirement plans are the next "pot of gold" for the government to control. Position yourself with another retirement alternative  without the headaches or worry.   


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